Ordinary Member Application

  1. I am the holder of a precept
  2. The terms of my membership may be altered:
      a. by changes to the Supplemental Police Act or another law, and or
      b. by the introduction of another law, and or
      c. by changes to the ‘Estate Police Association Rule’, and or
      d. by changes to the ‘By Laws’ of the Association.
  1. I am required to pay a Registration fee and a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly fee called ‘dues’ depending on my pay period.
  2. I shall pay the correct ‘dues’ and all the money owing to the Association and fulfil what is required of me as an ‘Ordinary Member’ in order to maintain my membership.
  3. ‘Dues’ shall be payable in cash, either for existing period or in advance for any length of time, or by salary deductions or by any such other method as the Central Committee may determine from time to time.
  4. Should the Association, through the Central Committee, raise or lower its ‘dues’ after my application for ‘Ordinary Membership’ is accepted I consent to my employer automatically deducting all such amounts from my salary and forwarding those deductions to the Association monthly via any existing deduction arrangement upon the Association’s National Executive giving notice by letter to my employer of a variation in ‘dues’.
  5. I understand that my application for membership would remain pending until the Registration fee and the first month’s instalment is received by the Association.