The Organisation Exists:

  1. To represent the interests and concerns of members providing an official channel of communication between them, our members, and their employers.
  2. To provide competent leadership in industrial relations to its members affected by employment issues.
  3. To act promptly and in accordance with the highest standard in the provisioning of service to members and in its dealings with external entities with whom it relates.
  4. To respect the dignity and merit of all members and their families. Fostering an environment where they feel comfortable in bringing forward suggestions and complaints; conducting our dealings with members in a friendly manner; consulting with and keep them abreast of issues impacting them.
  5. To take an independent stand on all current national affairs, particularly, that which has the potential to negatively affect the security industry, and in doing so, adamantly refusing to compromise our position.
  6. To seek to influence the legislative environment to attain the locus standi for the representation of all security industry employees.
  7. To make representations for the equality of terms and conditions of employment in environments where an association or union exists other than the Estate Police Association.


We Achieve this by:

  1. Developing a framework through which members can communicate their interests. Consistently developing and measuring the effectiveness our endeavours.
  2. Harnessing and developing the human resources from within the organisation for efficient administration and management of the Association.
  3. A total overhaul and restructuring of the organisation to be comparable with modern trade unions in terms of relevant infrastructure.


Our Vision

  1. To be at the cutting edge of labour relations and be the leading activist and trendsetter in improving the world of work.
  2. To be at the vanguard for the empowerment of members and their love ones engaged in the struggle for just and humane conditions of sustainable employment.
  3. To improve the quality of life for members along with contributing to the attainment of social justice in an atmosphere of democracy, solidarity and faith in God.
  4. To be the representative body for all employees of the security industry by zealous, but respective, lobby of the political directorate and relative stake holders.
  5. To safeguard the members through effective labour legislations and comprehensive agreements; and the promotion of equality before the law and the elimination of all forms of discrimination.
  6. To be proactive, collective and courageous at all levels comprehensively organising Branch Boards into efficient and competent arms of the Association.