Violence against women is a worldwide pandemic.

Life history tells of countless acts of violence perpetrated against women. Even though we suffered, our stories were not as horrifying or graphic as what we read. Within recent years that horror is stirring our hearts.

Today, as a nation we mourn the lives of women who lost the battle to this nightmare. We simultaneously grieve with families as they try to come to terms with their loss. This pain touches the soul and every fiber of our being.

The Women’s Arm of the Estate Police Association extends our heart felt condolences to the families at this time.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day “Women in leadership. Achieving an equal future in a COVID 19 World.

In some countries women’s day is observed in the form of a protest as the struggle and fight for women rights continues, in other countries it is a celebration of womanhood and the beauty that comes with it. Today as we celebrate International Women’s Day the Women Arm of the Estate Police Association R.E.P.O.W.E. R stand with all as we will continue to let our voices be heard for women’s rights.

The challenges of this COVID 19 pandemic have cast a sharp light on the family and the roles played by women are in full view, already our professional careers and expectations are expected to be placed on the sacrificial altar. We are expected to further entrench our responsibilities as

caregivers and teachers, we are challenged by the various lockdowns which keep our families indoors and our children are now educated via the internet; coupled with the fact that many of our women bear the financial burden for our respective families.

We are already in a battle for the right to be free from all violence especially sexual and domestic violence, the right to equal rights in the workplace, the right to a safe working environment, to fair wages or equal pay, the right to gender equality in business and in the workplace, the right to be heard, the right to be protected, we join with other countries where women fight for the right to vote, to own property to be educated and the list goes on.

We also celebrate all women, we are of distinguished and resilient character the remarkable gift to bring forth a child the

love, nurture, and care only a woman can provide coupled with our eternal resilience that maintain the very fabric of the society. The women arm joins with all as we wish you happy International Women’s Day. We celebrate with you while we fight for you.

 As Dr. Maya Angelou said so simply but eloquently ‘Yet we rise”


Committee Members: 

Chairperson – Kesi Lewis

Members – Cheryl Mc Lean, Dawn Harewood, Ethlyn Francois, Marsha Mason, Nichola McLeod-Richards, Penola Baptiste, Zezeline Thomas

WEC Zezeline Thomas


WEC Peola Baptiste


WEC Cheryl Mc Lean


WEC Marsha Mason


WEC Dawn Harewood


WEC Nichola Mc Leod Richards      


Kesi Lewis Chairperson R.E.P.O.W.E.R.

 by Kesi Lewis


We are said to be the weaker vessel

But yet we fight strong for your protection

For your shelter, for your gender to keep us safe from all violators 

Our cries are not weak but strong

As we all come together as one

To say to you fathers and sons


Not another one

The pain felt by the lady being killed, the one being rape and the other being strip of all her dignity as you punch her in the face

Is felt by all of us who live to tell the tale

The pain cut so deep it rupture the essence of our very existence

Isn’t it time we stop hear the country wailing?

All we want to do is to continue living

So, we ask you uncle, you nephew wont you


Don’t we have the same rights as you do?


Aarika Lewis

Young people

Young people here don’t know what’s what . They say they do but that’s a long shot ! Their history their culture nothing stays. The only thing that does is their tik tok dances that reciprocates .

They don’t know about Singing Sandra , the person who was called a mother . Neither do they know about the slave’s pleads and needs they only care about their Instagram feeds .

Parents I warn you the akimbo attitude that comes with our next generation, is about to change in a way that no one can even say. Now that Carnival was out , no one had anything to do but stay home and pout .

Nevertheless, they should be studying, but they prefer to go out pumping . Even though a child myself , I can’t stand to see them needing such help . So , today parents I plead, do not bring up your children with ease . If parents raise their children with class, there will be less murders , robbery and kidnapping for us to be sad .

They say protect the women but, first it needs to start in the womb ent?