1. Who can be a member of the Plan?

Any financial member of the Association. Ordinary Member or Associate Member


  1. Who is an Ordinary Member?

A Precepted Officer that has completed an application form and pays their monthly dues.


  1. Who is an Associate Member?

Any person that is not precepted that has completed an application form and makes the required annual contribution.


  1. How does a member make payment towards the plan?

Payment is made to the EPA who in turn makes lump sum payments to the Service Provider.


  1. Is there an age limit for joining the plan?

Yes. Age 60


  1. Is there an age limit for coverage?

Yes. A member is covered up to the age of 65.


  1. Can my family members be covered under my application?

No. Only the insured is covered.


  1. Would funds be disbursed to the EPA or the member’s Beneficiary.

Funds are disbursed to the member’s beneficiary.


  1. Can I name more than one (1) beneficiary?

Yes. For more than one beneficiary, percentage allocations to those beneficiaries (totaling 100%) have to be provided. Also note that you can change your beneficiary or beneficiaries at any time by completing the necessary Change of Beneficiary Form from the insurer.


  1. How long would it take for the benefit to be paid?

It can take anywhere from a few days from the application of a proven beneficiary of a financial member, to 3-8 weeks for more complicated cases for payment to be disbursed.


  1. How soon can the insured benefit from the plan after joining.

There will be a waiting period of six (6) months from the date of enrolment before coverage is effected. This means that if you die within six (6) months of your enrolment, no benefit will be paid.


  1. Why do I have to complete a form to Request for Change of Beneficiary?

Because without completing this form, by default your beneficiary would be your Estate


  1. What is the cost of the EPA Death Benefit Coverage Plan?

Ordinary Members – $100 per year

Associate Members – $150.00 per year

For a Limited Time ONLY


  1. What amount would be paid to my Beneficiary?